Shadowland; part two.


Even though I had returned to indulge in the comforts of home. I still had within me the inescapable void of a major loss. Herein you will spiral into the casm with me.

When I got to Tyler,  I had no idea what to expect but what I had found was as foriegn to me as anything I could have ever possibly imagine. First thing I needed was a job so I searched the want ads for gainful employment. The first thing I had noticed was all the posted listings were for wages that were close to half of what I was used to making for the same jobs. I eventually landed a position working for a landscape maintenance firm. I didn’t last very long there because frankly the position I applied for and was hired on for was a desired spot and I was shoved into a lesser role mainly because I really didn’t care for the workplace atmosphere. The guy I was put under was a nincompoop. He got both of us into trouble two times by doing the wrong jobs at the wrong locations. I was like I am not going to work with this idiot and just didn’t go into work one day.

I felt miserable for doing that but I was crippled with anxiety and didn’t want to go to work. My sister asked me if I was going to work or not and I just looked at her rather blank saying they are gonna fire me anyways. She just looked at me as if she could sense something was wrong and asked if I was hungry.

She fed me and made sure I didn’t go hungry but she didn’t let me ride for free. Her husband ended up being one of the coolest guys I had ever met. He would give me twenty bucks here and there for doing odd things.

I would find momentary happiness in playing with the kids and playing my drums. But the void was vast and it was consuming me bit by bit. I had gotten skinny like a hundred thirty pounds. All the money I had went to feeding Shadow and another puppy I had picked up her name was Sadie she was a Weimeraner/ Labrador mix black as sin with big yellow eyes.

We had gotten her and another litter mate the same night. I had no idea what I was doing but I was trying to replace something I had lost. What I had lost was something I shoved away.

Now that I know what was going on I can see what I was doing but back then I was falling into a casm and was grasping at anything I could grab hold of as I spiraled down on my decent.

One Saturday morning I had woken up in a good mood but noticed something was odd. My familiar companion Shadow wasn’t there being a nuisance as he always was.

I was staying with my brother in a two bedroom trailer house that was in the lot next to my sisters. So to get some sleep I would shut the door and let Sadie and Shadow out into . the common area, something my brother hated. So out of frustration he let them outside to go play. This was after I had gone to sleep he forgot to let them back in.

Back to the absence of my annoying pets. I asked my Brother where they were he didn’t know so I set out to find them whistling and calling I received no reply which was odd because normall all I had to do was whistle once and clap twice and in a cloud of dust they would come running to play.

This bothered me so I searched the roadside thinking the worst. Then eventually discovering my worst fears to be true. I found Daisy which was the litter mate dead and Sadie just barely alive and in bad bad shape. I was crying and screaming obscenities to God and anyone who could hear me I carried her to the house and laid her body in my bed coverings to try and ease her pain. But where was Shadow? I was freaking out calling out for him I woke up everyone in the park. Asking if they had seen him to no avail. Then I, the mess that I was, went back to the house bawling like a child who had been told no. Heard a slight whimper as I stepped up into the doorway. I was Shadow, he was underneath. So I crawled under there with all the spiders, ants, scorpions, sticker weeds and briars. To find him  wedged in a place that I couldn’t get him out. He scared me because as I got close to touch him he growled at me so as to tell me not to even think about touching him.

Then I crawled closer I could see why. His front leg was broken in a compound fracture. I nearly vomited for one the sight and how I imagined it must have made him feel. I loved that dog even more than myself. So I laid there next to him I managed to get close enough to cradle his giant head in my arms and stroke his gentle face telling him I loved him and that I would make it better to just stay put and I would get him out of there. He just looked at me like. ” you big giant dummy I’m not moving a damn thing!”

After I had crawled back out I ran to my Sisters house to ask for some tools to remove the underpinning so I could free him from his hiding spot. While she was getting the tools I used the phone and Called a new friend I had made who was friends with both my Brother and Sister and asked him to bring a shotgun over explaining what had happened. He told me to calm down and take them both to the Vet that he had an account with them and I could put the bill on his Tab.

I loaded them both up into my car trying to make it as comfortable for them as I could I took them in. My sister went with me. We put daisy in a trash bag  and loses her into the trunk. Reason being it was against the law to bury animals in city limits.

when we arrived They already knew we were coming and had a stretcher ready and waiting. We took Sadie and Shadow inside.  Shadow was a sport once we got him out of the car he started walking like it was nothing just raising his broken leg so I led him in. No need for a stretcher. My Sister carried Sadie in. The vet looked them over and Sadie had massive internal injuries and had to be put down. Shadow on the other hand was quite different. Like he knew everything would be fine.

All was well. He was set to go into surgery to set the broken bones with an external rig type splint. Monday Morning I took him home.

To repay my debt I batters a trade of labor for the balance of the bill. It took me two weeks of steady work clearing brush on a lot of land that my friend had bought to park his trailer on.

sometimes good things are spawned from bad. The friend liked the way that I worked and started finding me more and more work to do to which I obliged. It was good hard work and I made some money.

-To be continued-


Shadow Land


Tyler Texas.

I had had enough of the east coast I was ready to come back home. After five and a half years I returned back to Texas an abysmal failure. My hopes crushed. My Navy Career shattered, my failed Marriage a sham. I just needed to come home to people who knew me.

So I packed up my clothes, my drums and my dog Shadow a big black Great Dane into the black Cutlass and Put Virginia Beach in the rear view hitting the open road.

I was depressed and skinny. I needed some love and Whata Burger in my life. Heading west  looking to put a smile back on this face drawn blank and pale.

What a trip. Lay ahead of Shadow and I. The drive was rather uneventful until we reached Tennesee. It began to rain so I turned on the windshield wipers. As soon as I did that. Shadow ,who was up front in the passenger seat next to me went absolutely bonkers! There is nothing in the World like a hundred and thirty pound dog trying to rip the dash out of a moving vehicle going down the road in a monsoon at sixty five miles per hour! Nothing I say! I was frightened for my life. I was frightened for him, he was truly terrified of something Then it struck me. He was freaking out about the wipers going back and forth. So I turned them off and he calmed down so I pulled off at the next exit. Found a covered car wash place to get out of the rain until it blew over. I sat there for over an hour and a half with no let up in sight. I was tired and ready to get back on the road but I knew I couldn’t drive with no wipers so I had to come up with a plan.

The plan I came up with was to move the stuff around so that Shadow could set in the back seat. Then I remembered another thing that if you cover a wild horses eyes they calm down and become motionless. So I took one of my T-shirts and wrapped it around his face covering his eyes. It worked! He came very docile and curled up and went right to sleep.

Underway, I got to Nashville before it stopped raining. I pulled over to get something to eat. And take Shadow out to stretch his giraffe like legs. We spent about twenty minutes playing fetch. I got him fed and cut the top off of a gallon jug of water which he slurped and gulped down in seconds . I waited for him to take care of business and we were back on the road. We made it to my Sisters house sometime around 2:30 in the morning.

I was exhausted Shadow was exhausted but as soon as we pulled up it was like I got a shot of adrenaline or something because I was wide awake. Her Husband put on a pot of Coffee and we talked for hours as I played with her kids. Her Baby girl was a cherub from Heaven! The absolute pinnacle of devine grace and beauty! This was the first time I laid eyes on her. Let me tell you she made me a believer. Love at first sight is true. I was completely smitten with adoration. She was playing with some white kittens as she sat in a laundry basket. She was wearing one of the kittens as a hat. The smile on my face right now as I write this is a direct reflection of the immense joy that flooded my soul upon seeing this little Angel. She’s grown and in College now. But there was a time when she was my everything.

She was the light at the end of a long and crazy tunnel.

—To be continued—

Set up for life.


I was introduced to Kerouac at a very early age.

it was the summer between second and third grade. We had a baby sitter at that time who was constantly reading books. One day I asked her if I could read one of them so she gave me a copy of Dharma Bums and told me this should be a good place to start. I don’t remember her name right now but I may before I finish writing this article. If I happen to I wiI include it at some point. I remember she had long thick blonde hair that she kept in a coarse braid at the back. The year was 1980 I was about to turn eight. Looking back it was an ambitious undertaking for someone so young.

Dhara bums is not a thick book by any means but it is a chapter book. The first of many for me.

The concepts  and adventures in the book were fascinating to me. I had an idea to hop on a train and go to Mexico myself. I would often sneak away and go exploring on my own. I would find loose change and get on the bus and go down town by myself. I was not aware that I was as young as I was. I carried myself very well for such a little guy I was often told.

On one of my excursions I discovered an old cemetery that was just behind the county Hospital. It had large hundred year old Burr Oak trees that cast a ton of shade. The large leaves would bristle in the breeze. The polished granite markers in the cemetery were an ideal place to rest in the sweltering heat of our hot Texas Summers It became one of my favorite haunts. No pun intended.

One day while I was there I met an old Lady who was there her name was Eileen. She asked me what I was doing there. I told her that I liked coming here, explaining that it was shady and cool and the air smelled really good to me.

She asked me if I liked Brocoli. I told her I didn’t know what it was. She then produced some from a brown paper bag and let me try some. I loved it. Brocoli was incredible!  I saw her There several more times until one day I didn’t see her. Then the next day I returned and again I didn’t see her.

I want to tell you a little bit about Eileen. Knowing what I know know. She must have been a Doctor or some kind of medical Professional because I can recal her light green scrubs  with the  Saint Joseph’s logo on the front.  She told me about the different trees and  plants that were growing there. To me it was like a quiet little garden I could go to and relax. ,

There was a giant Magnolia tree, a few smaller mimosa trees. In addition to the enormous Burr Oak trees there were privets and forsythias. Aspidistra, giant orange Canna lilies as well as a few different patches of bearded Iris. Which I never saw in bloom but was told some were white, some were peach colored, some blue, some were purple, yellow and maroon. It was gated and honey suckle grew on the perimeter fence that surrounded this awesome space.

I went one day a few years back to revist the place and all of the old trees were gone there was only sticker patches where once was thick and luscious St. Augustine grass. The Honey suckle was replaced with briars and poison Ivy.

thats her name! My baby sitters name was Ivy! Yay brain! High five Bro!

Anyways the old place was no longer the beautiful and serine restful spot from my younger days but rather a dilapidated old forgotten place that was lacking of any reasonable resemblance to the Garden I would visit. I did see however a patch of the blue Iris  with one lone white one in the midst. Which reminded me of a Van Gogh I once saw.

Back to Ivy, Ivy Unger was her name. I distinctly remember a lavender knitted cap she would wear along with her full length skirts made of loose fitting silk and her sleeveless silk tops. My mind tells me now she was a classic hippie chick. With big blue eyes. I was in love with her I wanted to marry her. My first major crush. She would sing sweet lullabies to my brother and sister they would sleep peacefully in her care.

Alas as the moment is passed and  this stroll down memory lane has run its course.

Thanks for the bit parts Ladies. You played your roles and I’m set for life.

keep it Classy Y’all


Enter with me into that sacred void where only I go.


When I look back into that corridor of life that is known as retrospection. What I often see sifting through the memories of me is a mirror image of myself that is inescapably genuine and innocent.

I look back searching through the void trying to fill the gaps left behind. What I find are random memories like long forgotten photographs of a time that is no longer in fashion. I try to find the roots of the trees in the Forrest of my mind.  My latest journey into the void was this morning as I lay in bed watching the spinning blades of the fan above me. I set off on a quest to revisit the first time I heard someone tell me that they Loved me.

Most would think that would lead one to a memory of home and the caring eyes of a Mother.  My recollections do not include such pleasantries, as I do not ever remembering my Mother uttering the words. Sad but true. Perhaps a root to the melancholy that has engulfed my existence but that doesn’t really concern me because She was never afforded any such luxury of her own So I just leave it where it lays.

My earliest recollection of another human telling me that  I was an object of affection leads me back to the third grade.

I will try to recant the experience as close to the facts as my limited resources will facilitate. But we all know how my brain works, so you will have to forget about the short stuff for now. I forget simple things from the now and remember complex things from the distant past because, Well… I’m supposed to remember them for some reason, I guess this is it.

The focus will take us to an old house where now sits a parking lot. on the northwest corner of Allen street and Jennings avenue in the south side of Fort Worth, Texas.  Star date 1981. It was a Tuesday morning I recall because I was in the Cub Scouts and one of the things we did was wear our Cub Scouts uniforms to school on meeting days. The day started off like any other. I got dressed by myself head to toe in navy blue except for my patches and that bright yellow neckerchief. I was wearing some scuffed up brown leather saddle shoes. (This is actually a pretty good memory  as I watch the film roll within my minds eye), just thought I’d add that in there for you.

Anyways after my Brother and Sister got dressed we headed out the door up the street from our house to school. Looking back every day we walked to school was an adventure in itself. Allen street is a rather busy thoroughfare. then we had to cross Hemphill street which is another rather busy intersection.  Once we Crossed Hemphill street there were several ways we could go to ultimately reach our destination which was De Zavala Elementary. I was in Third, My brother in first, my sister in pre K.

On this day we just went straight on Allen and turned right onto College street and headed up the block to where the school was located.  When the three of us were kids we used to crack each other up. This day was no different. On the way My sister had said that she was throwing up. I asked if she was sick. She only said, ” It keeps filling up my mouth and I have to throw it up”

“What? was it something you ate?”

“Watch I’ll do it again.” then she commenced to do it…

“Sissy!” I said. ” You are just spitting! Every one does that. Watch!” I hocked up a big loogey and spat it a good ten feet in front of where we were standing. That must’ve been the coolest thing she had  ever seen  because she was so over joyed to know she wasn’t throwing up and began to laugh hysterically. She asked me to show her how to do it. So for the next couple of minutes the three of us stood there spitting on the sidewalk until there was no more saliva left in our mouths. I mean you could have swam through the puddle we spat. We would have competitions on the way like jumping across a whole section of the sidewalk. By the end of the year I could clear two whole sections flat footed from a standstill. I was such a hero to the two of them. I love these little memories.


But anyways back to school After home room, my first class was Computer science. We used these  old timey computers. Well, they were state of the art back then. They were Tandy something or others, with a floppy disk that was inserted in the front. I enjoyed this class, I was actually doing quite good because I would always make sure to ask if I was doing it correctly. Today was a different story, instead of raising my hand to receive validation. I really had to go Pee. I had my hand up over the dividers to inform the teacher I needed to be excused. with one hand up for nearly five minutes the other clinching my thingamajig to no avail. I could not get my teachers attention. Wanting to just get up and run down the hall to find relief but my resolve to do as I was told and only to follow protocol was stronger than any urge to be disruptive. Strong was My resolve but the force of the river I was attempting to dam up was stronger. No longer able to contain the torrent a breach of integrity was achieved and once the breach let loose the rest of it soon followed. I was so mad at that point I stood up on my chair in the puddle of pee and shouted, ” Teacher I had my hand up for ever to be excused, Now look what happened!”

“Did you break something Chris?”

All I did was gesture my hands to showcase my predicament.

“Oh my! Dear! Wha?”…I could see her looking back and forth frantically so as to suggest she was looking for an answer to suddenly make the situation dissapear. Until she finally gathered her wits to get up from behind her desk and approach me.

“Oh Chris I am so sorry! I was busy going over some grades, I didn’t see you there” she whispered apologetically.

The cup of the seat was filled and the floor was dappled with the overflow.   She then told me to go to the office and tell them to send a custodian. I left the room sloshing up the hall in my walk of shame. On the way I could see two children pointing and snickering  at me so I just growled at them like an angry Wolf. This must have scared them so that they just took off running. After that, I held my head high and finished my trek down to the end of the hall to the office which coincidentally was on the far end of the hall from the computer science class which was at the far end of the opposite end of the hall.

Upon reaching the Office I opened the door and  Mrs. Jennings looking over the top of her horned rim glasses saw me and Asked me what had happened. I then once more gestured with my hands the presentation of my reward for my adherence to protocol.

“Look at you.” she said with a tone of repugnance “why didn’t you just go to the bathroom?”

“I had my hand up but the teacher didn’t see me.”

“Why didn’t you just get up and go?”

“We have to get permission first” I exclaimed so as to show that I was not retarded. I was merely following directions.

She looked at me over her glasses and motioned to me to come up to her desk with her finger and smiled.

“from now on, you have my permission to get up and go to the bathroom if you need to”

I smiled in return.

“Now lets call your parents and get you some fresh clothes”

“We don’t have a phone” I added to the dialogue looking down abashedly to the floor.

” well come here lets see if we have something you can wear in the mean time.” glancing back. “Did you leave a mess?”

“Yes I was supposed to tell you to send the janitor”  She then got on the intercom and told “Mr. Johnson a cleanup in  room 214 is needed”. Then took me back to find some clothes for me to change into from out of the lost and found box.

It was at the end of the day where this story takes its que to end.  In between the class rooms are coat rooms. one side for one class and the other side for the adjacent class. It was the end of the day and we were gathering our things to go home. The smell of urine soaked clothes filled the space emanated by the obvious article coming from a tied trashcan liner setting in my cubby hole.

Maria Garcia with her short black and wavy hair tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to see her smiling face and little golden hoop earrings shining from reflecting the sunlight coming through the window behind us.

She put her hands on my Shoulder and looked deeply into my eyes And said the words you’ve been waiting to read.

“I Love you Chris, Would You hurry up and kiss me?”  I kissed her on the lips My eyes were closed. When I opened them all I could see was her smiling face. I then asked her if that means she is my Girlfriend now? She looked at me like I was a silly boy. “What else could it mean?”

I just stood there like a dummy as she stepped away through the door looking back just once more wiggling her fingers and kissed her palm and blew it to me.

That was the last time I saw her. I don’t remember anything else other than having never seen her again.

But what a thing to remember


Keep it classy Y’all





Let it snow, lettuce know.



Today was one of those normal cold February days in my home town of Fort Worth Texas.

With no threat of winter precipitation I headed out on my twenty six mile commute into work. As soon as I arrived it began to snow these cute little flurries much like the day before. Yesterday’s flurries yielded little to no accumulation and by lunch time all signs that it had even attempted to snow vanished. The temperature was a balmy thirty-seven degrees Fahrenheit. Today I had the impression we would experience more of the same. However, the temperature today was hovering right at 24 degrees Fahrenheit and it kept coming. first covering the ground with a thin blanket of white.

I thought no big deal, it will be gone by lunchtime and I will finish out the day completing my chores like any other Friday. Much to my surprise by the time lunch rolled around we had already collected nearly three inches of this pristine powdery fluff. I had then been sent out on an errand to pick up lunch. Fish sandwiches from Jack in the Box. You know, because we’re Catholic and we eat fish on Fridays for lent.

By the time I got back from picking up our meals there was a good four inches on the ground. My thinking is I have a four wheel drive so this doesn’t concern me. After getting back  I started clearing paths with my giant snow scoop then salted the paths to maintain a clear trail. After that I removed the ashes from the fire place and stocked it with some new logs for burning. I was then informed I could leave because the roads were beginning to look bad. So I left.

I made it about a mile down the road and realized I had left my phone somewhere. I had no choice but to go back. We looked for nearly an hour and couldn’t find it anywhere. I just decided to say to heck with it thinking that maybe one of my other co workers grabbed it by accident . I then decided to give it one more search and I found it! After remembering that while shoveling the snow it had fallen out of my  jacket pocket so I put it in the mailbox and I would get it after I finished scooping a trail. Yeah, we all know how my brain works. Like a switch with a faulty circuit I limp through life. It’s a wonder to me how I even get my shoes tied in the morning. Even my Boss was like. ” You and your damn phone, lol” it’s a running joke around here. But they Love me or at least as much anyone could. I have managed to keep tenure in a position that usually has a turnover of about every two years. I’ve been here for seven. The guy I replaced lasted almost seven months. It’s a very particular set of individuals under which I am employed. So despite my many faults, I must have at least a few redeeming qualities in my favor.

Anyways, tangent complete.

I was sent home and on the way I would attempt to fulfill a couple of errands. One of which would be to return an Item to Nieman Marcus. After making the short trip which would normally take thirty minutes. I made a blistering time of an hour and a half to discover the Mall was closed. Ok scratch that one. Next task was to stop off at the post office to drop off two parcels for shipping. Again closed due to inclement weather. The post office, closed due to bad weather, Seriously? So I headed home to see my beautiful daughter greeting me with a smile at the door informing me that I could not come in the house until we had a snowman on the front lawn. With such a face how could I refuse? So world it is my pleasure to inform you that your Snowman has been put on notice. Sophia says her Dad is the “Awesomest!”


Keep it Classy Y’all



Talent or discipline

Hello again.

Today I am going to try and cover a topic that has been on my mind for a while. Natural talent or a disciplined skill. Which would you rather have? I don’t really know which I would choose if given the choice however I will attempt to discuss the one of two I possess and that is natural talent  image image image

Natural talent comes easy, it’s almost like having been given a head start. It is also in the same sense a tether that is secured to your neck.

I have have always had a well of talent that I could tap into when ever  the need arises. I Have always had the creative ability in artistic endeavors but lacked the discipline necessary to be able to take my natural abilities and advance them up to the next level. However, with my natural ability, I have managed to stay on par with others who have to work their tails off to maintain a level of consistency.

I don’t know anyone Who can say they are proficient at everything. I’m certainly not very proficient at anything. I can produce something acceptable but nothing that really just knocks my socks off.

I have always finished strong but I’m never the winner. This doesn’t really bother  me as long as I don’t end up last or least.

I’ve tried Education as a means to improve my place but I was so absolutely terrible at it that I decided to give the educational benefits earned from my time in the Military to My Daughter. That’s one less headache  for me to worry about.

Back to me, I know it’s not very interesting to indulge in the mirror talk but I’m not trying to be interesting. So I guess I’ll just carry on.

As an artist I have created some works that are decent I suppose but nothing that is out of this world. Except for a few times. Once I entered a design contest meant to promote a race car manufacturer. Aided by a team of gifted  Spaniards. Oriol folch Garcia and Luis Lara Osorio. The three of us created perhaps one of the most incredible race car designs I have ever seen.  You can follow the link to see the renderings here.

I Have written poetry, I have painted pictures, I have drawn things. I have not always ,but for the most part done well. Although I’ve never really had any formal training. I just ask questions if there is something I want to know.

I am in no way suggesting that education is a waste of time because for those that can make full or partial use of its intended purpose it can be a marvelous tool to furthering ones place in society. However, I for one never really found much use in education. Not because I was a lazy student, well maybe I was A lazy student but if fate would have made provisions for me to be an excellent student I pretty sure I would have been exceptional however I was not.

This was not all that bad of a deal because I did excell at other things and I just kept on doing what I was good at.

What was it that I was good at you might ask.

I was really good at just being good enough. I had pretty good hands. I had just enough raw talent that I could lie my way into a situation and was able to back it up just because most situations I got myself into were manual labor type things.

Of course just getting by will only just get you by. But really that’s all one really needs to do. I will admit that it is quite a bit easier to just get by when you are still young. I couldn’t imagine only making what I made when I was skidding around.

Now I’m doing a little better than just getting by and I’ve done it all with something called ADROIT. It has nothing to do with using my mind at all. If my hands are doing the job I could be in outer space for all it matters because it’s like my hands have a mind of their own.

This is another aspect of my life that I enjoy but we will get into that some other time.

Keep  it Classy Y’all


Easy is hard vs. Hard is easy.


The other day I opened a account thinking, “Hey it’s about time you started a blog” Prodded and guided by a new friend of mine Mandy. Hey Dost!

It was way early in the morning like 1:00 am-ish and I was struggling to stay awake because I purposefully refrained from drinking any Coffee in order to get some sleep, which I need now since I am  over 40.

Anyways, I got the blog up and running and made my first ever article backlog entry. I was so proud of myself that I just went right to sleep after selecting publish. The next day I Posted a link to the blog in the writers group I am a member of on Facebook. everyone who saw the link sent showers of praise. My ego was uncontainable. I was thinking I wanted to upload another entry but thought to just wait until Sunday and write an entry describing the Monster Jam show that I was taking my kids to see on Saturday Feb. 21, 2015 held at AT&T stadium in Arlington Tx. It was going to be truly something to write about as the event would be setting so many precedence’s for me, it was sure to be a hit.

Well, this is how my brain works. Something that should have been so easy to do that My three year old son could have  done  the task while eating fruity pebbles in a glass bowl in the living room. However this was not the case. As I, with a Cheshire grin, went to create the second entry I was thusly spanked with reality. I realized that I did not record the new email address I had created for the sole purpose of creating the account. I thought this will be easy to remember . I  will just use something so familiar I would have to be a dunce to not remember it. Turns out I look real cute sitting in the corner wearing that pointy hat. What’s worse than that is I didn’t even remember the name  I used for the blog. So there I was Feeling like a genuine Class A Narcissist. You can just see the duck face I was wearing, cant you?

At that moment I thought of one of the sutras that helped mold me into the Awesomeness I have become. The thought was so profound that a Giant smile once again lit my face and an eruption of laughter ensued. I was in such a pleasant mood I thought to leave a post in the writers group detailing my blunder. Rather comically, I typed up the new thread, making a mockery of the pre conceived intelligence I thought I once possessed . My friends offered me some assistance by leaving suggestions in the comments as to how I could “fix” my problem. Only trouble is, sometimes “you cant fix stupid”. Thanks for trying guys!

After many failed attempts to retrieve the lost account I just caved and decided to simply create another. Guess what My bright, fulgid, incredible self once again failed to do? Yup, you guessed it…This is precisely the very reason I have used the same email address for the last twelve years. So I thought once again to create yet another account to fulfill the desire for accomplishment. This made me think of yet another thing suggesting I should probably just chill on this one until the anxiety subsides.

Yesterday was a snow day and today work was limited to just two hours. So this morning I took the family out to breakfast before going in to work. After work I Took the white car into get a new set of tires. After returning home I was informed that the kids wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheeses for dinner to which I was eager to oblige. We have been cooped up for a few days in the house so I thought the little outing might do us all some good.

All day today I have been pouring over what user name and email address I should use to create my new blog account. Then it hit me. Dump Truck Adroit! How incredibly perfect! It describes me and the intent I wish to convey with this blog with the adroit skill of a dump truck driver. If you think driving a dumptruck isn’t that hard to do, you will most likely find creating a blog to be one of the most difficult tasks you will ever endeavor to attempt.

Keep it classy Y’all